5C Cafe Reviews

By Austin Froelich

Shanahan Café (Harvey Mudd): 

Located on the first floor of the big Shanahan building at Harvey Mudd College, the Shanahan Café effectively functions as a two-story on-campus Starbucks. It has bagels, fruit juices, granola bars, and a wide array of coffees to choose from. The Café often features music at just the right volume, loud enough to catch a rhythm but quiet enough to allow for long conversations. While the playlist of songs at the Café may sometimes feel too small, it still helps provide additional energy for those who rely on the café for a bagel or coffee before class in the morning. The décor is not overly complicated, but its uniformity of red in the walls and couches in the lower level and blue in the walls and couches in the upper level confers a sharp contrast.

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