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Bird Watching

December 02, 2013 – WASHINGTON, D.C. The annual BirdWatch Conference at the nation’s capital ended on Wednesday with a climatic speech from Dr. Bob Reinser, a bird anatomist at the University of Pennsylvania. This year has been a remarkable year for ornithology and Dr. Reinser

Snippets of A Conversation With Prof. Devadoss

Prof. Devadoss is a visiting professor in the Harvey Mudd Math Department this year. He is a professor at Williams College. Jane: So I heard that you’re an awesome prof! Prof. Devadoss: That’s good to know…so you talked to that one person? J: Hahaha no,

The Quest for a Safer, Better Wet Season

When Dry Week comes to an end, many students participate in Wet Season. Wet Season to some is a celebration of the end of dry week—a time to let go, relax, and enjoy yourself. For others, it can be a stressful first experience with alcohol

Punctual Punchlines: Puns for Prompt Petulance

What did the cowboy wear to work? A uniFARM! Why did the integer not want to date the Boolean? Because they they weren’t each others’ TYPE! What happens to magazines after they eat? They DIGEST! Why did the noodle try to fly? Because it thought

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Adventure Time: Mudd’s First-Ever Orientation Adventures

Many upperclassmen at Mudd fondly recall their Pre-Orientation backpacking trips, reflecting on the many miles they traversed, the colds nights under the stars, and, most importantly, the bonds they formed with their new classmates. Unfortunately, a majority of upperclassmen did not have the opportunity to

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Claremont Weekend Activities

Claremont Walking Distance Weekend Activities! Do you consider yourself a busy student? Do you work hard all week, hoping that your sweat, blood, and tears will pay off in the form of weekend free time? Do you want to go out on the weekends, but