Meet the Staff

2017-2018 Staff

Tiffany Madruga '20

I'm currently a sophomore double majoring in Computer Science and Media Studies. I love doing layout for The Muddraker and updating the Instagram. In my free time I love painting, singing in choir, taking photos, and spending way too much time on Netflix and other social media.

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Rachel Schibler '20

I’m a sophomore interested in Math-Comp-Bio. In my free time I like eating fruit, hiking with other people’s dogs, and editing The Muddraker. My only real talents are burping, making my brothers laugh, and doing handstands in weird places.

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Hannah Larson '20
Financial and Communications Officer

I love theatre and country music! In my free time I enjoy obsessively checking The Muddraker subscription spreadsheet, reading all of Rick Riordan’s books, and teaching myself Danish.

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Mary Celestin '21
Music Editor

In my free time, I run sprints for CMS, do work with ASCE, play my viola, write, read, and listen all sorts of mu-
sic--especially prolific rap music that makes you want to throw something. Don’t ask me why it’s necessary to my life. It just is.

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Kate Smith '20
Copy Editor

When not stress-eating lemon curd, I love DMing memes to people, especially those pertaining to doggos. Beyond that, I enjoy volunteering, reading biology textbooks, and writing!

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Sydney Wallace '20
Writer & Webmaster

In my free time, I write for The Muddraker and enjoy juggling actual objects as well as my schedule. I study CS-Math, but am really enjoying my history class on journalism and learning about muckraking and the history of this newspaper.

Max Maleno '20
Writer & Photographer

I could live solely (but not healthily) off of sushi, ice cream, and M&M’s. I also love taking photos, being outdoors, the stars, and being with my friends. Get off campus; explore!

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Zoe Ryan '20
Writer & Layout Editor

When I’m not working on problem sets and getting tutored, I enjoy overeating, playing lacrosse, making my friends go on hikes, petting other people’s dogs, and talking about Colorado!

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Jonah Cartwright '20
Writer & Treasurer-in-training

I am an investigative journalist and sports writer for The Muddraker. I enjoy participating in CMS football and the Claremont College’s rugby team. To procrastinate, I eat all the cookies in the Hoch, read sci-fi novels, and annoy the rest of The Muddraker staff.

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Priyanka Agarwal '20

I love doing photography, and am excited I get to do photography for The Muddraker. In my free time, I enjoy swimming, singing, and dancing.

William Teav '19
Writer & Photographer

My guilty pleasures are eating butter and making ice cream sandwiches out of sourdough. I’m also a part-time squirrel whisperer.

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Sophia Cheng '21

I am passionate about classical music and theatre. I sometimes sing too loud in the shower. I enjoy volunteering with Red Cross, writing, playing tennis, and meditating.

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Trang Dinh '21

I like watching movies, reading books, and writing. My favorite genres are romance, crime, horror and thriller. Because I came from Vietnam, I love the
winters over here, even though it does become unbearably cold. 

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Michael Streinz '20

I enjoy math so much that I now write about it. I love spending my free time outside reading in the sun or playing corn hole with my best friend Cabana the dog and Garrett Cheadle.

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Zayra Lobo '19

I’ve been writing for The Muddraker since my first semester at Mudd, and I love doing it! Other things I love include robots, woodworking, dogs, filmmaking, playing guitar, and dogs.

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Thomas Martinez '21

I love taking photographs for The Muddraker. In my free time, I love collecting hot sauce, trying new foods, and finding new music.

Amelia Otto Cutting '20

I just started writing for The Muddraker. While not in class or busy studying, I like being outside and participating in CMS Track and Field This past summer, I climbed Mt. Whitney.

Aom Pongpiriyakarn '20
Layout Editor & Photographer

I love meeting new people, eating spicy food, and pulling all-nighters. I love meeting new people, eating spicy food, and pulling all-nighters. I take every opportunity I get to travel.