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Outsider Opinion About Mudd

Guest Writer: Andrew Kim PO ’20 Mudd is widely known as an impressive school that compares to other engineering juggernauts such as MIT and Caltech. The teachers are incredible, the labs and other resources are plentiful, and the students are talented in fields they are

West Dorm’s Changing Culture

After a series of complications that took place during Wet Season, the Harvey Mudd administration has stepped in and called for internal restructuring of West culture to ensure the safety and well-being of the Mudd residential community. In response to this, members of West formed

Dive into Splash!

by Arianna Perkins   What is Splash? On March 29, 2014, Splash came to the Claremont Colleges! Splash is an organization that began at MIT where college students teach high school students about almost anything, and this semester marked its debut at our college consortium. Priya

Post Grad Plans

Interview by James McConnaughey   1. Do you have any immediate post-grad celebration plans? Joey: Finally introduce my family to my Mudder friends, then head home for a few weeks before I start work. Christian:  Just go home and spend some time with my family before