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Nerd Pickup Lines

Harvey Mudd is a very idiosyncratic place. Our lives drastically differ from that of the “average” college student: dorm culture, homework, general campus “nerdiness.” Why should our love lives be any less unique? This Valentine’s Day, try some of these great pick-up lines to impress

February Horoscopes

Aries: You are a fast, energetic, and adventurous sign, Aries, but change things up a little bit this month and try something new: take things a little slow. Enjoy the little moments with your loved ones rather than feeling the need to make them happen. Maybe

Saying Bye-O to Core Lab

Staff member Sophia Cheng interviewed Professor Hur about his time at Mudd and the Core curriculum’s newest change. How did you end up at Mudd? I was a postdoc at UCLA. When I started my postdoc, I told my advisor that I was not interested

Jovial Jokes for Joyous Jesting

Why was the chef fired? Because she was RAZING THE STEAKS!   Why was the boy made king of the classroom? Because he knew all his SUBJECTS so well!   What kind of dot likes to dance? POLKA dots!   Why was the library built

Staff Netflix Picks

Looking for a new to show to watch so you can Netflix and Chill with your boo this Valentine’s Day? Check out some pick from the Muddraker Staff: Jonah Cartwright Halt and Catch Fire: This heart-wrenching AMC drama, set in the early 1980s, will challenge

Hoch Hacks!

Get reacquainted with your childhood through this Hoch-inspired rendition of an iconic frozen treat. Ice Cream Shan-wich Ingredients Bread: The Hoch carries a basic selection of breads to choose from. I personally prefer sourdough, as it counters the sweetness of the ice cream. You can

Mike-amatical’s Fun Fact #1

Guest Writer: Mike Streinz HMC ’20 What do financial fraud, an electrical engineer, and the American rock band Three Dogs Night have in common? The number one! In the case of Three Dogs Night one of their top hits in 1968 is titled “One is