Monthly Archives: November 2017

Fall Athletics: Just-in a Minute

Catching up with soccer-star Justin Gadalla ‘20 HOW DID YOU FIRST GET INTO PLAYING SOCCER? DID OTHER SPORTS PIQUE YOUR INTEREST GROWING UP? “I started out playing soccer when I was about 3 years old, just in a little rec league in San Diego, nothing too

A New Family: Meeting the Class 2021

As I sat down in the lounge with aching muscles half expecting my mom to pick me up from this fieldtrip-like first day at Mudd, it was then that I realized that I would not be going home. At least not on the first night.

The Evolution of Jhene Aiko

When Jhene Aiko first came onto my feed, I immediately fell in love with her sound. As a Kendrick and Gambino fan, I stumbled across her in 2013 with the release of her EP Sail Out, on which they were both featured. Rich and soothing,

Leaving our SMUDDge: A Reflection on Senior Year

“Hey, do mine next!” My senior friends eagerly cram around my classmate, who has learned a bit about palm reading for our art class. They shove their palms towards her face, laughing about what their hands allegedly predict about their future and personality traits. Though

Puns that PUNcture and Pass the Time

What do you call a camel that carries milk? A dromeDAIRY! How well should you fireproof your house? ASBESTOS you can! What do Arduinos eat for breakfast? CEREAL ports! How do trees brush their hair? With a pineCOMB! (Shoutout to Zade Lobo for his pun