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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Office of Institutional Diversity Finds New Space

What is new to Mudd, programs, and stays in Platt 24/7? No, not the freshman class, it’s the new Office of Institutional Diversity space! Harvey Mudd College’s Office of Institutional Diversity (OID) has recently been relocated to a new area of Platt Campus Center. Moving

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Retreating but Advancing: Sophomore Retreat 2016

Sophomore Retreat almost didn’t happen this year. After three years of sophomores enjoying the last few days of winter break together at a retreat center, a lack of funding was going to eliminate that possibility for the Class of 2018, the current Mudd sophomores. However,

Pun and Puncil: Written to Ruin Your Day

What instrument do vegetables like to play? A PICKLEo! How do you get rid of a list? You ARRAYse it! What do you get when you cross coffee and tea? TOFFEE! What lets light into the rooms of Linde Dorm? LINDEows! What do you call