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Puns that PUNcture and Pass the Time

What do you call a camel that carries milk? A dromeDAIRY! How well should you fireproof your house? ASBESTOS you can! What do Arduinos eat for breakfast? CEREAL ports! How do trees brush their hair? With a pineCOMB! (Shoutout to Zade Lobo for his pun

PROFiles: Professor Vatche Sahakian

Professor Vatche Sahakian¬†has been working in the department of physics at Harvey Mudd College since 2003. He is interested in theoretical physics, including topics such as string theory and cosmology. He is known for his brilliant sense of humor and his challenging physics classes.  

Puns for Punishment and Punalties

What do you call an underwater troupe of musicians? An ORCAstra! Why was the math textbook banned from the school? Because it was too GRAPHic! What do you say to cheer someone on while they’re digging a hole? GOPHER it! What do shoes wear on

Pun and Puncil: Written to Ruin Your Day

What instrument do vegetables like to play? A PICKLEo! How do you get rid of a list? You ARRAYse it! What do you get when you cross coffee and tea? TOFFEE! What lets light into the rooms of Linde Dorm? LINDEows! What do you call

Parlous Puns: Jokes That Will Ruin Your Day

Why don’t people like carrying bike frames around? Because they’re so unWHEELdy! Why did the hairbrush break up with the paint brush? Because the relationship was so PAINTful! What’s the name of the newspaper that ice cream cones read? The SCOOP! How did the resistor

Punctual Punchlines: Puns for Prompt Petulance

What did the cowboy wear to work? A uniFARM! Why did the integer not want to date the Boolean? Because they they weren’t each others’ TYPE! What happens to magazines after they eat? They DIGEST! Why did the noodle try to fly? Because it thought