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A New Family: Meeting the Class 2021

As I sat down in the lounge with aching muscles half expecting my mom to pick me up from this fieldtrip-like first day at Mudd, it was then that I realized that I would not be going home. At least not on the first night.

Leaving our SMUDDge: A Reflection on Senior Year

“Hey, do mine next!” My senior friends eagerly cram around my classmate, who has learned a bit about palm reading for our art class. They shove their palms towards her face, laughing about what their hands allegedly predict about their future and personality traits. Though

Harvey Mudd College’s Summer Institute

Harvey Mudd College’s annual Summer Institute Program (SI) is a two-week summer program that takes place in August where approximately 28 incoming freshmen participate. This program seeks to select a diverse group of students and specifically aims on targeting underrepresented voices in STEM. The overall

What’s an Orientation Adventure?

What is an Orientation Adventure (OA)? If you asked me a year ago, I probably would have responded with something similar to the generic caption on Harvey Mudd’s Website. An Orientation Adventure is a 2-day trip that allows you to make friends in a non-academic

Outsider Opinion About Mudd

Guest Writer: Andrew Kim PO ’20 Mudd is widely known as an impressive school that compares to other engineering juggernauts such as MIT and Caltech. The teachers are incredible, the labs and other resources are plentiful, and the students are talented in fields they are

Not the Same Drill: HMC Machine Shop Renovations

Nestled in the heart of the Libra Complex, the HMC Machine Shop provides a space for 5C students to learn how to use sophisticated tooling and machines, be creative, and make loud mechanical noises. This past summer a renovation team including Machine Shop Manager Paul