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Two Seniors to Rule Them All

Two Seniors to Rule Them All: An Interview with Our Senior Class Presidents Senior year can be an especially hectic and worrying time for Mudd students. With the end of our Mudd careers on the horizon, most of us aren’t thinking about what extra responsibilities

Jovial Jokes for Joyous Jesting

Why was the chef fired? Because she was RAZING THE STEAKS!   Why was the boy made king of the classroom? Because he knew all his SUBJECTS so well!   What kind of dot likes to dance? POLKA dots!   Why was the library built

Leaving our SMUDDge: A Reflection on Senior Year

“Hey, do mine next!” My senior friends eagerly cram around my classmate, who has learned a bit about palm reading for our art class. They shove their palms towards her face, laughing about what their hands allegedly predict about their future and personality traits. Though

Puns that PUNcture and Pass the Time

What do you call a camel that carries milk? A dromeDAIRY! How well should you fireproof your house? ASBESTOS you can! What do Arduinos eat for breakfast? CEREAL ports! How do trees brush their hair? With a pineCOMB! (Shoutout to Zade Lobo for his pun

Defense Contractors Recruiting at Mudd

From 2012 to 2015, Harvey Mudd ranked No. 1 in the country for return on investment, according to Payscale’s College ROI Report. Mudd graduates have a reputation for being highly paid and highly sought after by companies, but the debate on campus has recently raised

Not for the Faint of Heart: Painful, Poor Puns

What kind of cheese do Computer Science majors like? STRING cheese! What did the shop proctor say to the E4 student who wanted to give up on their hammer? Where there’s a MILL, there’s a LATHE! Where did all of the bankers go for dinner?

Puns for Punishment and Punalties

What do you call an underwater troupe of musicians? An ORCAstra! Why was the math textbook banned from the school? Because it was too GRAPHic! What do you say to cheer someone on while they’re digging a hole? GOPHER it! What do shoes wear on