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5C Dining Hall Reviews

Reviews by Max Maleno (’20), Jonah Cartwright (’20), Tiffany Madruga (’20), Zoe Ryan (’20), Sydney Wallace (’20), and William Teav (’19) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This month, I had the wonderful opportunity to dine at a nearby nationally renowned restaurant.  Consistently ranking one of the best in its

End of Year Horoscopes

Guest Written by Garrett Cheadle (’20) and Peyton Witte (’21) Capricorn (Dec 23-Jan 20): This week might be a little tough because teachers keep assigning those gosh darn tests! Don’t they know that you have a whole lot of other things going on??? Like that job

Breaking the Mudd Bubble with Conner DiPaolo

Apparently there are a non-zero number of people at Mudd who want to know about my experience studying abroad in Hong Kong this semester. How is it different from life at Mudd? Cultural differences? The food? Whether that non-zero number of people lies entirely in

Staff Netflix Picks

Looking for a new to show to watch so you can Netflix and Chill with your boo this Valentine’s Day? Check out some pick from the Muddraker Staff: Jonah Cartwright Halt and Catch Fire: This heart-wrenching AMC drama, set in the early 1980s, will challenge

Mike-amatical’s Fun Fact #1

Guest Writer: Mike Streinz HMC ’20 What do financial fraud, an electrical engineer, and the American rock band Three Dogs Night have in common? The number one! In the case of Three Dogs Night one of their top hits in 1968 is titled “One is

PROFiles: Professor Mary Van Vleet

As part of our alumni professor feature series, Alma Mudders, we interviewed HMC chemistry professor Mary Van Vleet ’12. Q: Which dorm(s) did you live in? A: Atwood for two years, as a freshman and a junior, and Case for two years, as a sophomore

PROFiles: Professor Darryl Yong

As part of our alumni professor feature series, Alma Mudders, we interviewed HMC mathematics professor Darryl Yong ’96. Q: Which dorm(s) did you live in? A: Case Q: Did the Muddraker exist when you were a student here?  A: Nope! Q: What were your extracurriculars