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The Village: Farmers’ and Artisan’s Market

What is a great way to spend your Sunday morning in Claremont? I’d say a brunch at Pomona’s Frank dining hall followed by the farmers market in the village. On Harvard street, there are booths scattered on both sides of the street. You will find

Saying Bye-O to Core Lab

Staff member Sophia Cheng interviewed Professor Hur about his time at Mudd and the Core curriculum’s newest change. How did you end up at Mudd? I was a postdoc at UCLA. When I started my postdoc, I told my advisor that I was not interested

PROFiles: Professor Liz Orwin

As part of our alumni professor feature series, Alma Mudders, we interviewed HMC engineering professor Liz Orwin ’95 Professor Orwin, whom most of us know as the professor of engineering who specializes in biomedical engineering, is actually a Mudd alumna who has brought her passion

A New Family: Meeting the Class 2021

As I sat down in the lounge with aching muscles half expecting my mom to pick me up from this fieldtrip-like first day at Mudd, it was then that I realized that I would not be going home. At least not on the first night.