Caltech Plaque Prank

We caught up with Aely Aronoff ’21 before the Caltech Plaque Prank to learn a bit about what the plan was! Check out this video by Michael Guzman ’20 to hear about what preparing for the prank entailed! Here are some photos from the prank:

Reduce Single Use Campaign

This semester, ASHMC Sustainability ran a Reduce Single Use Campaign. This campaign encouraged students to pledge against using single use cups for a two week period. We now have the results of the pledge and students perspectives on how this campaign influenced sustainability at Mudd!

The Village: Farmers’ and Artisan’s Market

What is a great way to spend your Sunday morning in Claremont? I’d say a brunch at Pomona’s Frank dining hall followed by the farmers market in the village. On Harvard street, there are booths scattered on both sides of the street. You will find

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The Village: Saying Goodbye to The Junction

One of our writers recently took a trip to The Junction, a restaurant in the Claremont Village where students, faculty, and staff would often go for lunch or dinner. Unfortunately, between the time of his review article being written and right now, the restaurant closed down.

LA Travel Guide

by Kyle Grace (’21) and Mandy Wu (’22)   Griffith Park/Observatory This is a great place to go for some free sights in LA. With a view of the city’s skyline and the hollywood sign, this place shouldn’t be missed. It is a bit of

Best Boba Buys (On-Campus)

Lots of detailed boba reviews from tea places close to campus, written by Kyle Grace (’21),  Tiffany Madruga (’20), & Athena Paraskevas-Nevius (’20): The Cafe: Location: Shan Distance: 0.5 miles (about a 25 minute walk) Most Unique Drink: Avocado Smoothie Instagram Worthy?: T&Joy is a